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Welcome to Castlethorpe

Castlethorpe is a village with a population of around 1,100 set in rolling countryside seven miles north of Milton Keynes city centre and close to the boundary with Northamptonshire. It lies on the northern edge of the Tove River Valley, which is designated as being landscape of Special Character. 
The surrounding area is thought to have first been inhabited in the Bronze Age but the village itself started out in life as a Norman castle belonging to the lord of the manor of nearby Hanslope which was destroyed in 1215 during the Barons' Revolt against King John. 

The parish church is dedicated to St Simon and St Jude, and dates back to Anglo-Saxon times, though the present church is of mainly Norman design.
There are a number of other listed buildings in the village, some dating back to the 15th Century, with fine examples of homes from the 18th, 19th, 20th and 21st centuries as well. 
Click here to find more information about the village's history, including pictures and a video, and there's even more on the Milton Keynes Heritage Association website at www.mkheritage.org.uk/cv.

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Castlethorpe gets a new MP

Labour's Chris Curtis is the new MP for Milton Keynes North, with a majority of 5,430 following the General Election on 4 July. The result was:
Chris Curtis (Labour) 19,318
Ben Everitt (Conservative) 13,888
Jane Anne Duckworth (Reform UK) 6,164
Clare Tevlin (Liberal Democrats) 3,365
Alan Francis (Green) 3,242

Eligible Electorate: 70,709
Turnout: 46,161 (65.28%)
Rejected Papers: 184 

Clubhouse set to be handed over on 16 July

Phase 1 - Construction
As previously reported, the remodelled pavilion-side is now in use by Castlethorpe Cricket Club and they are very pleased with the new changing rooms.
The clubhouse-side is nearing completion. The landscaping has been completed including the front and rear paths. Decoration has been done by Hickfords for free by way of a donation to the village This was previously costed at £4k so this is a substantial donation.
The electricians will now do the second fix, the kitchen and servery floor will be laid and any snagging completed. We are expecting the building as a whole to be handed over to us by Hickfords on 16th July.
Phase 1A – Basic Fitout
Once we have the building, CCS volunteers will fit the kitchen equipment purchased for cricket teas and the social area flooring, authorised last month, will be laid. We would also like to put a front and top on the skeleton counter to leave the clubhouse  

 looking finished albeit empty. The Cricket Club will then be able to bring up the remaining tables and chairs from the football pavilion. We are trying to schedule this work so that the clubhouse side will be usable by Cricket for their teas at their League match on 27th July and subsequent matches.
We will also spend the grant awarded to us by the MK Community Foundation to buy further kitchen equipment though this is not time critical or required by Cricket.
Gigaclear are due to install broadband on 11th July but this is also not time critical.
Please note that the clubhouse side will not available for other use partly because its fittings and furnishings are rudimentary and also because some of the governance arrangements need to be finalised.
Phase 2 – Complete Fitout
This Phase is to complete the fitout and furnishings. It is fully specified. It requires about £20k of further funding and we have two grant applications in progress to  
National Lottery and BIFFA. We should have a decision on the former by mid-August, the latter by November.
Phase 3 – Operation
CCS CIC has to consider how the clubhouse will be operated and specifically whether it runs it itself or subleases it to a tenant  in the same way as the village shop.
The decision cannot be made until Phase 2 is committed (not necessarily completed) and also until the governance arrangements (above) are in place to avoid any potential tax liability. However, the CCS Board favours a sublease arrangement because direct operation, even with the employment of staff, would require a significant commitment by volunteers as well as working capital.
We would look to making this decision in August and, assuming the sublease option is chosen and a National Lottery award, this would allow the opportunity to be advertised to potential tenants in early Autumn.
Philp Ayles

Duck Race winning numbers

The lucky winners in the 2024 Castlethorpe Duck Race are:
1st - 97
2nd - 188
3rd - 659
4th - 845
5th - 51
Duck Race HQ will be in touch with all winners to arrange transfers of your prizes. Thank you to everyone who bought race tickets and we hope you enjoyed the event.

Calling all cyclists ... MK needs your help!

Milton Keynes City Council has received funding from the Department for Transport’s Rural Transport Catapult to trial a new sustainable drainage product for rural cycle paths subject to flooding, such as the one between Castlethorpe and Wolverton, particularly the section alongside the railway line down towards Ouse Valley Park, and they are asking for help from regular users.
Last winter the route was particularly badly affected by flooding, so this new product could make the route more accessible in the winter months and be a significant step towards a full upgrade. However, just making the route usable after heavy rain would be a significant improvement over 
how it is now. MKCC is are working with the contractor who has developed the new product to start the installation of the product in the autumn, so it is in place for evaluation over the winter. The path will remain open during the works.
One of the key requirements of the Catapult programme is monitoring and evaluation of the research programme. MKCC’s highways and drainage teams will monitor and evaluate the technical performance of the product (such as flow rate etc) and its durability, maintenance requirements, ease of installation etc. and that is a key part of the programme.
However, in addition, they would really like to get the views of regular path users on the  
improvements, and if the path has improved from their perspectiveand have asked the Parish Council to help identify a group of regular path users that they can engage with about the drainage improvements.
There is not a need for a huge group of people to be found, but a small group of regular users, including those who use it for commuting and leisure would be very helpful as a focus group to help gauge the effectiveness of the product and whether it is worth rolling it out elsewhere – as they have a lot of rural paths and an increasing amount of flooding!
So if you would like to help please email clerk@castlethorpe-pc.gov.uk and we will pass your details on.

Group looks at new public art for the village

New developments above a certain size such as Carrington Grove require that a sum is paid to MKCC for "Public Art." This money is ring fenced, so it cannot be used for any other purpose.
The Parish Council has applied to MKCC to use this money, which is £38,000, for two pieces of Public Art.  
Two meetings have been held and a group of residents have become involved. The first was attended by Louise Izod, the MKCC Public Art officer, to explain the process for accessing the S106 Public Art funding. 
At the second on 20th May a number of possible public art projects were discussed and, initially, discussion focussed on five possible projects:
• A new village sign on the triangle. This is subject to a review of the existing sign by Lawrence Chapman to see if it is repairable. If not, a traditional design in a durable material (advice from Louise Izod) but possibly having the sign rotate with wind via a central pin top and bottom.
• The clubhouse. Rather than public art on what is a modern building, it was suggested that the garden area to the west of the clubhouse (between it and the tennis courts) should be designed as a piece of public art. If this is done as something that will want regular maintenance, then the public art application will have to make financial provision for maintenance.
It was suggested that it should pick up on the themes that identify the village such as the castle, the railway and 

agriculture and, if possible, the school and Youth Club should be invited to suggest some themes. Matt Parry and Carrie Grayson agreed to work up some ideas.
• The village shop. It was felt that the shop was not a good place for public art given the display of goods outside it and the proximity of public art nearby - the village sign.
Justin's suggestion of stained glass had been circulated but it was thought this might be difficult to see (given fruit and veg racking) and match with the style of the shop itself. This needs further discussion but it was felt that an "old fashioned" Castlethorpe Shop sign might be the most appropriate.
• Bus shelters. Suggestion was for some tiles or mosaics with village scenes (castle, church, school, historic houses?) on the back wall of the three shelters. Also consider stained glass in the shelters. Graham Flagg said he would develop some ideas and a subsequent site visit was made by Honey Mosaics.
• Village Green. Suggestion of a mural on the brick wall at the back of the green. This needs further thought. The wall belongs to MKCC Housing but there is probably no problem with artwork on it - we just need to ask them.
It was stressed that there is no immediate deadline on this, so we should take whatever time is needed to develop our ideas. The process is that ideas should then be taken to the Parish Council for its support and then submitted to Louise Izod for approval.
Philip Ayles

The village's weekly refuse collection day is normally Friday, even after Bank Holidays. The only change is over the Christmas and New Year period. The black (general waste) and green bins (garden waste and food) are collected every week and the red (cardboard and paper) and blue (plastic, metal and glass) bins on alternate weeks, as shown in the schedule above. You can find out more information on what goes in each bin here.

* All three household recycling centres in Milton Keynes are open seven days a week, except for Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day, but entry is by appointment only (same day appointments are available) and anyone without an appointment will be turned away. To book your slot phone 01908 252811 or apply online here.

* Under their contract the new waste contractor Suez is obliged to return bins properly and there are penalty payments payable to Milton Keynes City Council if they don't. If your bin goes missing you should complete a form at https://mycouncil.milton-keynes.gov. uk /service/Non_Return_of_Bins 

  • Please click on the image above to open the official document

Castlethorpe has two defibrillators - one outside the Village Hall and the other on the Cricket Pavilion at the Sports Ground. Both are in code-locked cabinets which are registered with the emergency services and show up on their equipment maps. The defibrillators are fully automatic and will tell the user exactly what to do.

The village also has a Community Speed Watch programme, which uses a speed gun operated by volunteers. The speed gun is operated by a team of three - one to hold the gun and the other two to collect the details of the vehicle. If you'd like to help, please email clerk@ castlethorpe-pc.gov.uk or phone 07707 836973.

For detailed information on the latest developments in the COVID-19 pandemic and how to keep yourself safe go to the COVID-19 page on this website, the Government website or milton-keynes.gov.uk/coronavirus

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Castlethorpe statistics

Population                   1,112 (2021 Census)
OS grid reference      SP795445
Latitude/longitude  52.093°N   0.840°W
Civil parish                   Castlethorpe
Unitary authority      Milton Keynes
Ceremonial county   Buckinghamshire
Region                            South East
Post town                     Milton Keynes 
Postcode district      MK19
Dialling code                01908
Police                              Thames Valley
Fire                                  Buckinghamshire
Ambulance                   South Central
UK Parliament            Milton Keynes North