All three household recycling centres in Milton Keynes are open seven days a week, except for Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day, but entry is by appointment only (same day appointments are available) and anyone without an appointment will be turned away. To book your slot phone 01908 252811 or apply online here.
Under their contract the new waste contractor Suez is obliged to return bins properly and there are penalty payments payable to Milton Keynes City Council if they don't. If your bin goes missing you should complete a form at uk /service/Non_Return_of_Bins 

How to use the new bin system

What goes in
your black bin

Anything that can't be recycled.
Most common items, include:
animal waste*, including dog poo, cat litter, hamster/gerbil bedding, etc.
biscuit wrappers
broken glass or china - please wrap to avoid injury
bubble wrap
clothes – poor quality
crisp packets
disposable coffee cups
disposable nappies - ensure they are double bagged
fruit nets
greasy pizza box
laminated paper
mixed materials, e.g. pill packets, padded envelopes, Pringles tubes
pet food pouches
plastic film, e.g. clingfilm
PPE disposable facemasks
sanitary products
sweet wrappers
tissues and kitchen towel
wet wipes and sanitising wipes
* All animal waste must be double bagged and/or sealed before it is put in your black sack with your other non-recyclable waste. If it’s on its own and not double bagged, it might not be collected by our crews.

What goes in
your blue bin

Plastic allowed:
bottles - drinks and milk bottles. Wash, squash and lid back on
cleaning product bottles, including those with pumps and triggers
plastic pots, tubs and trays, including black plastic and ready meal containers
lids - loose plastic lids from bottles and jars
Tetrapak such as juice or milk cartons
Plastic not allowed:
bubble wrap
wet wipes
crisp, biscuit, sweet packets or wrappers
fruit nets
hard plastics e.g. toys
pet food pouches
soft plastics e.g. plastic bags and cling film
items with food or drink still inside them
Metal allowed:
empty aerosol spray cans
food and drink cans
pet food tins
sweet and biscuit tins
clean tin foil or foil food trays
lids - loose metal lids from bottles and jars
Metal not allowed:
metal pans or tools
coffee capsules/pods
Glass allowed:
glass bottles
wine bottles
glass jars
Glass not allowed:
drinking glasses or Pyrex (this melts at a different temperature to glass bottles and jars so can’t be recycled by our plant)
any other glass item such as perfume bottles, light bulbs or mirror
Please note that broken glass can be placed in the blue lid wheelie bin and pink communal bin, However if you are on a sack collection, broken glass should be wrapped to avoid injury and placed in the black sack.

What goes in
your red bin

Paper and cardboard allowed:
clean pizza boxes
envelopes, including window envelopes
shredded paper (shred as little as possible, preferably just the bit of paper with the sensitive information on it)
Paper not allowed:
laminated paper
nappies (disposable or biodegradable)
disposable or compostable coffee cups
padded envelopes
PPE disposable face masks
tissues, kitchen roll or cotton wool
Other items not allowed:
clothes, fabric or rags
broken glass or china 

What goes in
your green bin  

All food waste allowed, including:
bread, baked goods
coffee grounds
dairy products
fruit and vegetables including peelings
mouldy or out of date food
pet food
plate scrapings
raw or cooked meat, fish or bones
tea bags
Garden waste allowed:
dead flowers
small branches up to 15 cm in diameter
windfall fruit
Compostable items allowed:
compostable cups and caddy liners that display the standard EN13432 or display the 'Seedling logo'
Garden waste not allowed:
branches over 15 cm in diameter
Japanese knotweed
plant pots
Other items not allowed:
all animal waste, including dog poo, cat litter, hamster/gerbil bedding, etc.
items labelled 'compostable' that do not display the standard EN13432 or display the 'Seedling logo'
items labelled ‘biodegradable'
nappies - disposable or biodegradable