The village's weekly  refuse collection day is normally Friday, even after Bank Holidays. The only change is over the Christmas and New Year period. The council delivers a roll of clear recycling sacks once a year to every household between April and July. If you have run out of sacks and need additional supplies or a replacement blue box you can order more by emailing or phoning 01908 252570.

All three household recycling centres in Milton Keynes are open seven days  
a week, except for the bank holidays over Christmas and New Year, but  entry is still by appointment only and anyone without an appointment  will be turned away. To book your slot you must phone 01908 252811 or apply online here.

What goes in your
clear sack/pink bin

Paper and cardboard, including:
• newspapers and magazines
• shredded paper
• writing/typing paper
• paper envelopes with and without windows (padded envelopes go in the black sack)
• leaflets and glossy pamphlets
• cards
• cardboard - breakdown so it can fit inside in the sack. Otherwise, please take it to your local Household Waste Recycling Centres
• clean pizza boxes (if greasy please place in black sack)
• catalogues and directories
Plastic bottles and containers - washed, squashed and lid back on, including:
• drinks bottles
• milk bottles
• detergent and bleach bottles
• shampoo or shower gel bottles
• yoghurt pots and margarine tubs
• food trays, including black plastic 
• fruit punnets
• ready meal containers
• bottles with triggers or pumps
• disposable plastic cups and cutlery
• loose plastic bottle caps/lids are also accepted
Cans and tins - rinsed out, including:
• food tins
• drink cans
• pet food tins
• sweet/biscuit tins
• metal lids from bottles and jars
• empty aerosol spray cans
• Aluminium - rinsed out, including:
• drinks cans
• aluminium foil
• aluminium food trays
Food and drink cartons (eg Tetrapaks), including:
• fruit juice cartons
• soup cartons
• long life milk cartons 

What goes in
your blue box

Glass for recycling, including:
• glass bottles, e.g. wine or beer bottles
• glass jars, e.g. jam jars
If you are unsure if an item can recycled in the blue box please check the FAQs below, email or call tel. 01908 252570.
Blue boxes containing the wrong items will not be collected. If in doubt, leave it out.
Can I recycle broken glass?
Do NOT place broken glass in your blue box. It may potentially injure a passer-by, small child or animal when placed at the kerbside. Dispose of safely by either wrapping securely in newspaper or bubble wrap so it does not pose a hazard to you or our bin crew and placing it in the black sack.
Can I recycle other items made of glass?
Do not place drinking glasses, Pyrex, perfume bottles, china, crockery, mirrors, old light bulbs, etc. in the Blue Box. These items cannot be recycled and should be disposed of safely by either wrapping securely in newspaper or bubble wrap so it does not pose a hazard to you or our bin crews and placing it in the black sack. These items can also be taken to one of our Household Waste Recycling Centres and placed in the General Rubbish area.
Do the bottles and jars have to be clean?
Please just rinse out glass bottles or jars to remove/reduce food or drink residue so that they do not attract wasps or vermin.
Where do I recycle the lids?
Place metal and plastic lids in the clear sack for recycling.

What goes in your
black sack or bin

Anything that can't be recycled including:
• crisp packets, biscuit and sweet wrappers
• pet food pouches
• all tissues and kitchen towel
• plastic film, e.g. clingfilm
• fruit nets
• disposable coffee cups
• coffee capsules/pods
• greasy pizza box
• mixed materials, e.g pill packets, padded envelopes, Pringles tubes
• bubble wrap
• polystyrene
• laminated paper
• disposable nappies*
• wet wipes and sanitising wipes
• sanitary products
• animal waste/dog poo*  
• broken glass or china - please wrap in newspaper or bubble wrap to avoid injury to yourself or our crews
• poor quality clothes
• plastic carrier bags (please try to recycle them at your local supermarket first) 
* Nappies and animal waste should be double bagged. Large quantities of nappies or animal waste should be placed over a number of bags so that no one bag is overly heavy.
Do not place food waste in black bin bags as this attracts rats and other vermin. All food waste must be placed in the green bin. If black bags containing food are ripped open by pests it is the resident’s responsibility to clear up the mess.

What goes in your green bin or caddy

All food waste, including: 
• all meat and bones - cooked or raw
• fish
• fruit and vegetables
• bread and pastries
• dairy products
• tea bags and loose tea and coffee
• all leftover food, plate scrapings
• food that is out of date or mouldy
• pet food leftovers
• compostable disposable cups which comply & are visibly stamped with standard EN13432
All garden waste, including: 
• grass clippings
• garden plants
• weeds
• leaves and twigs
• dead flowers
• windfall fruit
• small branches, under 15cm in diameter 

MK residents may order one free green bin per household and a grey kitchen caddy online or call Customer Services on 01908 252570.
The caddy assists with the daily collection of food waste in the kitchen, to then be emptied into the green bin.
Alternatively use a few sheets of newspaper, ordinary used writing paper, plain junk mail or plain brown paper bags. 
If you don't have a caddy place food waste onto a few sheets of newspaper, fold up and place straight into the green bin.