Village defibrillators

Castlethorpe has two defibrillators which the Parish Council has obtained with funding from the Milton Keynes Partnership Foundation.
One is located in the front of the Village Hall and the other on the Cricket Pavilion on the side facing the car park at the Sports Ground.
Both are in code locked cabinets which are currently being registered with the emergency services. They will then show on their equipment maps.
You can also see their location on the Save a Life app which is available free from the Google Play and IoS app stores. 
In the event of an emergency, such as someone having a heart attack, always call 999 first and stay with the patient. The 

emergency operator will determine whether there is a need for the defibrillator and, if there is someone else available to fetch it, direct them to the nearest cabinet and give them the code to open it. At the same time, the operator will alert other Emergency Services as necessary such as a First Responder or an ambulance.
However, the defibrillator is fully automatic and will '”speak” to the user to tell them exactly what to do. It can also detect whether it is being used correctly and will not operate if not correct or not required. Don't hesitate to use it if you are directed to do, so even if you haven't been trained.  
Hopefully, the defibrillators will never be needed but having them in the village may save a life.