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Castlethorpe W I

Castlethorpe WI is well over 80 years old. We have 34 members and have been fortunate in the last two years to have some younger ladies join us. We meet on the second Thursday of every month at the Village Hall at 7.45pm. 
Our programme is varied. We arrange a Prelude to Christmas every two years in the Church. We have a social afternoon once a month in a member’s home. We are not a ‘Jam and Jerusalem’ WI. We are very pleased to welcome visitors to our meetings.
So g
ive us a try – you may find you would like to join us! For more information contact Eveline Spencer at erspencer38@gmail.com or 01908 665326.

Castlethorpe Duck Race

Over the years the Castlethorpe Duck Race has grown into a major event in Milton Keynes, attracting families in their thousands. It began in 1988 when the weir on the River Tove was badly in need of repair. The water authority was not inclined to carry out the work unless half the money could be raised by the village.
Richard Sawbridge, a local farmer and stock dealer, undertook to raise the necessary funds. The most appropriate event suggested was a Duck Race to be held on the river and the absurdity of the idea of ducks racing seemed to catch the imagination. 
One thousand plastic ducks were originally borrowed (we now maintain our own stocks to ensure they are well rested and at their peak of fitness for the main event). 
Many local people were persuaded to help with the organisation and on the 29th May 1988 (a very wet afternoon) the first Castlethorpe Duck Race was held. It was a huge success and sufficient money was raised to carry out the weir project, with a surplus actually being donated to the then scanner appeal at Milton Keynes Hospital. 
Since then, every other year, alternating with the Open Gardens, the village has held a Duck Race as a fund-raiser for the village church. There has been a church on the same spot in Castlethorpe for over 1,000 years, so it is fitting that we use 1,000 ducks in the race. 
Our aim is to make sure that first and foremost everyone attending the Duck Race has a great time. But we hope you’ll also go away at the end of the day with a certain satisfaction that your attendance has helped ensure that there will always be a church, in good repair, at Castlethorpe!

Castlethorpe Open Gardens

Castlethorpe Open Gardens is held in June every two years, alternating with the Duck Race.
A beautiful spectrum of colour and diversity is on display as the village shows all its character and historic charm at this bi-annual event which has already become something of a tradition, as visitors come from as far as hundreds of miles away to experience the delights on offer over the weekend.
You can take a tour of all sorts of gardens in the village and the proud owners will be on hand to answer any questions and give you tips. Plants will also be on sale at several of the gardens. You can also follow the Scarecrow Trail and stop for refreshments at the Village Hall. All proceeds go toward village groups and projects.
For more information please contact Sara Montague on 07812 070537 or email her at soldierblue4@hotmail.co.uk.

Keeping fit in the Village Hall

Yoga on Wednesdays: Weekly yoga classes are held in the Village Hall between 6.45 and 7.45pm on Wednesdays. If you're new to yoga, curious about what it can offer, returning after a yoga break or want to enhance your practice contact Jo Ward on 07810 874099 or email yogawithjoward@gmail.com. Drop-in: £6 per class or £35 for a six-class pass.

Dance Fitness on Thursdays: A medium-paced, low impact fitness class incorporating a wide variety of dance routines to well-known tracks from Elvis to Ed Sheeran. Castlethorpe’s very own Nicky Birchall is holding sessions in the Village Hall at 6.00 pm each Thursday. The cost is just £25 for a 5-class pass or if you prefer to pay-as-you-go it is £6 per class. There’s no need to book — just turn up … and remember to bring water! For more information contact Nicky on 07799 097921.

Pilates on Fridays: Anna O Fitness holds weekly Pilates classes in the Village Hall from 3.30-4.30 pm on Fridays. For more details contact Anna on 07767 454497 or email annaofitness@gmail.com. There’s more information on Anna’s website (opens in new window): www.annaofitness.com.