Book your event

Please check with the Booking Clerk that the time you want to book your event is available, then use the form below to book your event. Make sure you have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions of Hire, including the Special Covid conditions and the Risk Assessment, before submitting the form. These can be downloaded by clicking here. Please note that there is a mandatory additional fee of £12.50 for sanitising the hall after your hire but you are still responsible for cleaning and tidying it yourself and taking all rubbish home, as stipulated in the Terms and Conditions. A further fee may be charged if this is not done or if any damage has been caused.

Castlethorpe Village Hall booking form

Pay for your hire

Use the form below to pay the charges for your hire. Evening (after 6pm) and weekend (all day) hires
are £13.50ph Daytime (before 6pm on weekdays) are £11.25ph. Pre-hire sanitising is charged at £12.50ph.
Please remember to include the mandatory fee of £12.50 for cleaning and sanitising after your hire
in the total amount, unless this has been agreed in advance with the Booking Clerk to be waived.
And make sure that you keep a copy of the Terms and Conditions of Hire for reference.
Please note: Bookings are not confirmed until the booking fee is paid in full.